An extensible, back-end data collection platform that learns constantly — to perform accurate analysis at any given point of time.

Techknowvate Edge is a back-end platform, 24/7 on-line capable with the latest in artificial intelligence algorithms that takes data from any source, format, and scale, and uses it to provide effective meaning in a simple and easy-to-use front-end form.

Make better decisions following data life tracked across RFID, IoT and other sensors. Source data with no limit on variable attributes or size. Extract value from unstructured, structured and semi-structured data sources to include:

  • Text and word processor documents
  • Email and images
  • Sounds and videos
  • Databases and spreadsheets, in CSV and SQL
  • Serialized data in formats like JSON, BSON, and YAML
  • Proprietary and custom data formats

Total Data Control

Regardless of the data source and size, Techknowvate Edge efficiently integrates and models data in a manner that assists users to solve complex problems. The data is stored in the in a secure and adaptable format, allowing for a flexible data model. While data can be collected from any number of areas, its access can be controlled at very granular level, and securely shared across an organizations entire data ecosystem.


Manage users, analytics, and data collection across divisions and departments, putting data in the hands of those who need to know

Extensible Platform

Edge integrates with 3rd party applications, with granular security at attribute level, audit-logging, and blockchain ledger capabilities

24/7 Alerts

Monitor data collection devices around the clock, permitting key personnel to receive alerts in real-time whenever an issue arises